News | 07 Feb 2024

Trust Connections Q1 2024

Dear Members and Partners,

I am thrilled to connect with each of you as I step into the role of Executive Director here at Delaware Valley Trusts! I am honored to be entrusted with the responsibility of leading our esteemed organization into a future filled with promise and progress.

The history of the Trust is very important to me and something I want our members to understand. The Trust was started by municipal managers seeking a more economical alternative to the commercial insurance markets and their volatility in pricing. The template of cooperatively purchasing resources and materials was already in place through the various consortiums in which they were members. Using this concept, these trailblazing managers put in place a municipal insurance pool which allowed members to share in the risk and rewards of this program. By doing so, and working closely with our partner consultants, all three Trusts have stabilized annual insurance premiums while giving back millions of dollars to our members since inception. Truly a remarkable model for YOUR Trust!

My journey into the role of Executive Director comes with the perspective as a Trust member, Trustee and Executive Board member. I was in municipal management for the first 23 years of my career. These experiences have equipped me with insights into the unique challenges faced by public entities and the critical role the Delaware Valley Trusts play in supporting and safeguarding your communities. I am committed to leveraging this knowledge to enhance our services and ensure that Delaware Valley Trusts remains a reliable partner for all our members.

I am genuinely excited about the opportunity to collaborate with all of you and lead Delaware Valley Trusts to new heights. Our dedicated staff and I will focus on ensuring the Trusts continues to be a trusted ally to serve members across our region. Your insights and feedback are invaluable to me, and I encourage you to reach out with any thoughts or ideas you may have.

Thank you for the warm welcome I have already received, and I look forward to building a successful and enduring partnership with each of you.

Thank you for choosing the Delaware Valley Trusts!

Best Regards,
Richard L. Mellor, Jr.
Executive Director

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