The Delaware Valley Health Trust provides comprehensive healthcare coverage to over 23,000 public entity employees and their families throughout Pennsylvania and Delaware.  Our risk-sharing pool combines the advantages and flexibility of self-insurance with the safety and predictability of a fully insured program. Since 1999, Health Trust members have enjoyed long-term premium stability, superior member service, first-class claims adjudication, and a wide array of exclusive value-added benefits anchored by robust wellness programs.  Even better, expert trust management has consistently kept average rate renewals in the single digits while simultaneously dedicating over $73 million to the membership since 2004 through our Rate Stabilization Fund.  Premiums have been further reduced by over $25 million through application of multi-trust discounts. The Health Trust is over 160 members strong and growing.

A New Way of Thinking about Health Coverage

If you manage a public entity and have grown frustrated with commercial market premium swings or broker-sponsored programs designed to generate fees and commissions, we can help.   Allow us to match your existing plan or customize a new cost-effective offering that caters to the specific needs of your organization.  Consider our Workers’ Compensation Trust and/or Property & Liability Trust, too, and take full advantage of a multi-trust discount that makes rates even more attractive.

Delaware Valley Trusts. Let us manage your risk, while you realize the rewards.



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Rate Stabilization Fund has dedicated over
to our members
Member premiums have been further reduced over
through our multi-trust discounts
To learn more, contact Bob Solarz, Executive Director.  

Health Trust Update: Over-the-Counter COVID-19 at-Home Tests

  • Posted January 18, 2022

    COVID-19 Over-the-Counter (OTC) Home Test Reimbursement through DVHT Effective Immediately

    For test kits purchased between December 1, 2021 and January 15, 2022 (only):  The Health Trust will reimburse COVID-19 OTC test purchases made between 12/1/21 and 1/15/22, up to a combined maximum of $75 per enrollee or dependent. Proof of payment is required.

    To request a reimbursement for a COVID-19 OTC Test purchased between 12/1/21 and 1/15/22: Submit a paid itemized receipt which includes the date of purchase, COVID-19 test name on the receipt, amount paid and individual enrollee and/or dependent’s name to dvhtclaims@dvtrusts.com.  In the e-mail, please include the enrollee’s employer name (DVHT member entity) and enrollee’s current address. One submission per enrollee will be accepted for this special reimbursement through the Health Trust.

    For COVID-19 OTC Tests purchased after January 15, 2022: Please hold itemized receipts until further guidance is issued by Aetna. The Health Trust will email additional information to our HR contacts as soon as it becomes available.  This information will also be posted to our website at www.dvtrusts.com, select Member Resources, then “Health Trust”.

    Posted January 12, 2022 (updated)

    The Federal Government recently announced new requirements mandating that health plans and insurers reimburse the cost of up to eight (8) over-the-counter COVID-19 at-home tests per covered individual per month beginning on Saturday, January 15, 2022. This mandate applies to tests that have been authorized, cleared or approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and are purchased at a store, pharmacy or online retailer.

    While certain details of the mandate are yet to be clarified, we are working with Aetna to develop a comprehensive and consistent approach to comply and will provide more information to the membership as soon as it becomes available.


As a Borough Manager, I am constantly blown away by the response I receive as a member of the Delaware Valley Trusts. The Trust’s value-added programs such as training, legal guidance and loss control resources are more than just benefits – they set the DVT apart from any other liability coverage provider!

John Davis
Doylestown Borough


“The most positive aspect about becoming a member was access to DVT staff who were very supportive during our transition to DVT initially, and have remained so year after year. DVT offers prompt and professional support at every level of the organization.”

Daniel K. Kerr
Limerick Township