What Makes Us Different

The Delaware Valley Trusts are risk sharing pools with over 150 public entity members in Pennsylvania and Delaware.

Managed Risk. Collective Rewards.

When it comes to selecting health, workers’ compensation, or property & liability insurance, public entities need predictability and superior coverage at the lowest responsible cost. Delaware Valley Trusts members enjoy stable rates that defy industry trends while taking advantage of broader coverage, cash dividends, rate credits, multi-trust discounts, exceptional member service, and a wide array of exclusive value-added options. See why our risk-sharing pools offer a compelling, cost-effective alternative to the volatile commercial market.


As a Borough Manager, I am constantly blown away by the response I receive as a member of the Delaware Valley Trusts. The Trust’s value-added programs such as training, legal guidance and loss control resources are more than just benefits – they set the DVT apart from any other liability coverage provider!

John Davis
Doylestown Borough


“I can’t say enough about the high-quality customer service provided by the DVT staff. It is always nice to speak with someone who knows you and whom you have actually met face to face and not just contacting an impersonal call center. “

Don Delamater
Lower Providence Township


“The most positive aspect about becoming a member was access to DVT staff who were very supportive during our transition to DVT initially, and have remained so year after year. DVT offers prompt and professional support at every level of the organization.”

Daniel K. Kerr
Limerick Township


The goals of the Trusts are the most closely aligned with the goals of our elected officials in providing quality health care to our employees than the other trusts and commercial providers. In addition, the service provided by the Trust is outstanding.

Jerry A. Andree
Township Manager
Cranberry Township

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Trust members benefit from “invaluable” leadership training

More than 100 members of the Delaware Valley Trusts have earned their Penn State Municipal Leadership Certificate (MLC) in the last two years while hundreds more are working to complete the program.  What makes the MLC so important to Trust members? Its unique blend of management courses are designed to support the training and development …

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Don’t let ransomware hold your computer hostage

In March 2017, sixteen senators of the Pa. Democratic Caucas arrived at their Harrisburg offices to find that they could not access their computer network.  In a second high profile incident occurring in early May, thousands of users around the globe came face-to-face with a cyber-worm named, “Wannacry”. Exploiting a vulnerability in obsolete software, Wannacry …

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Fentanyl – Extreme exposure hazard for law enforcement

In the course of performing their duties, law enforcement professionals can come into contact with drug substances in various formulations and potencies.  Most traditional drugs of abuse such as marijuana, cocaine and methamphetamine pose minimal danger if handled with basic precautions (e.g., wear impermeable gloves such as nitrile and avoid inhaling any powder).  In contrast, …

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