• What is the Health Trust Wellness Program?

    The Wellness Program is a value-added benefit offered exclusively to Health Trust enrollees and their covered spouses.  The program promotes healthier lifestyles through education and awareness.  Participants can receive cash incentives for taking a proactive approach to their health and reimbursements for making healthy lifestyle choices.

  • How do I submit for the Wellness Program incentives and reimbursements?

    The Biometric Screening incentive must be completed on the My.QuestForHealth.com website via Physician Results Form, Quest Patient Service Center, or On-Site Event. Biometrics must be collected on or before December 31, 2024. If you are completing your biometrics with your doctor, the Physician Results Form must be submitted to Quest by fax to 844-560-5221 or uploaded to the My.QuestForHealth.com website by January 10, 2025 (at 11:59 pm). For more information, please watch this 30-minute Biometric Screening Information Session (passcode hGt2M4y&).


    ALL OTHER Wellness submissions including proof of procedure, proof of purchase, and/or proof of participation must be submitted by January 10, 2025 (at 11:59 pm) to the Health Trust Wellness Team at wellness@dvtrusts.com, fax to 267-803-5796, or mail to Health Trust Wellness Program, 719 Dresher Road, Horsham, PA, 19044.  You will receive a confirmation email for requests submitted by email.

  • Does my exercise program qualify for the Gym Membership Reimbursement?

    Traditional fitness facilities and gyms, exercise classes, personal training sessions, digital exercise programs (such as Peloton), fitness programs, and online activity apps qualify for the Gym Membership Reimbursement.

  • What do I need to submit for the Gym Membership Reimbursement in 2024?

    For the 2024 Gym Membership reimbursement, please submit proof of payments for January through December 2024 AND proof of workouts and/or gym visits for January through December 2024. Your gym or online program vendor should be able to provide a printout of both. There are no DVHT forms to complete. Note: To expedite processing, please submit proof of visits and payment as one (1) consolidated PDF file.

  • How can I earn the $100 Health Education Incentive?

    The Health Education incentive can be satisfied by showing proof of attendance for four (4) hours of education provided by a hospital-based program or class. Many hospital-based programs are free or charge a minimal fee. The four (4) hours can be all on one topic or a combination of topics but must benefit your personal wellness/wellbeing. Proof of attendance can be a certificate of completion or a letter from the hospital/instructor.

    The Health Trust will also provide monthly virtual wellness presentations throughout 2024 that are eligible for the Health Education Incentive. Proof of attendance is not required for sessions coordinated by the Health Trust, but members must individually register and attend in order to earn credit.

  • When I try to register on the My.QuestForHealth.com website, I get an error message saying ‘Enrollment in this program is restricted. Please contact your wellness administrator.’

    When our members receive this error, it usually means the Aetna ID number was entered incorrectly. Be sure to enter the ID number beginning from the W all the way to the last two digits (0#), with no spaces or dashes. The last two digits of your number may be located in front of your name on your Aetna ID card. Quest accounts are individualized to the specific member, so spouses will have to create an account with their own Aetna ID number.

  • I had routine bloodwork done this year. What do I need to do to earn the Biometric Screening Incentive?

    To receive the Biometric Screening incentive using bloodwork completed with your physician, you will need to download the Physician Results Form from My.QuestForHealth.com (you must create an account using registration key DVHT or log-in with your username and password). Sign the form and have your doctor complete the bottom portion. You can upload the completed form to My.QuestForHealth.com after you have logged into your account or fax to the number at the top of the form (844-560-5221).

  • What do I need to submit for the Mammogram, Women’s Well Visit, and/or Colonoscopy Incentives?

    To receive one of these incentives, please provide proof of procedure. This can be any documentation that has your name as the patient, the date of service, and the type of screening/procedure performed (mammogram, women’s well visit, colonoscopy). The Aetna Explanation of Benefits (EOB) will contain this information. You can access a copy of your EOB by logging on to www.aetna.com and accessing ‘Claims & Spending.’

  • Where is my incentive or reimbursement check?

    Please allow up to 6-8 weeks for processing.