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Trust Connections 4th Quarter 2017

Delaware Valley Trusts Member Newsletter


Delaware Valley Trusts New Website Launch and Rebranding

We are very excited to announce the launch of our new website – – in addition to the rebranding of Delaware Valley Trusts and each of our trusts!

All viable business entities must update their strategy, understanding of customer needs and the current competitive landscape. The Trusts are no different. Earlier this year, we undertook a strategic marketing and communications assessment. The results of this assessment informed the design of the new website and identified the need to develop branding that reflected the synergy inherent in our family of trusts.

The new website is contemporary, easy to navigate and mobile-responsive. It has a public-facing component that allows non-members to learn about who we are and what we do, as well as a member-only component so our valued members can get up-to-date information in a timely manner.

Our rebranding effort commenced with a tagline – “Managed Risk. Collective Rewards.” – to emphasize the power of pooling risk and culminated with a new logo for each of our trusts and the Delaware Valley Trusts “umbrella” organization. The designs are simple and clean. The color schemes are vibrant. Each Trust logo has the prominence to stand on its own while providing a coordinated elegance when used in concert. Like the Trusts, the familiar DVMMA column logo has evolved, but still evokes strength, reliability and security – the pillars of Delaware Valley Trusts.

Throughout 2017, much of our work has been future focused and directed towards building a more sustainable business operating model. However, through all of this, we have not forgotten our remarkable history – a small group of entrepreneurial local government leaders who took bold and decisive action in response to the commercial insurance industry’s decision that municipalities no longer fit their desired customer profile. Twenty eight years later, the Delaware Valley Trusts, along with its 158 (and growing) member entities benefit from the risks taken by our founding leaders and charter members. Our new branding is designed to honor this history while positioning us for the future.

I hope you will enjoy browsing the new website and that the new logos instill a renewed sense of pride in this excellent and unique member-based organization. On behalf of all Delaware Valley Trusts staff, thank you for your loyalty and support. We strive to best serve you…those who serve the communities in which we live, work and play.

Bob Solarz, Executive Director

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