News | 21 Feb 2018

Trust Connections 1st Quarter 2018

Delaware Valley Trusts Member Newsletter


Last year, the Delaware Valley Trusts undertook a strategic marketing and communications assessment which helped guide our rebranding efforts and develop our new logos that reflect the synergy in our family of trusts. It also led to the redesign of our new website which launched this past fall. With the focus on the future and our continued growth, the Trusts also created a new senior level “Member Services” position to enhance the member experience, coordinate communication and outreach, and facilitate new member recruitment. This position aligns with the delivery of member services through the Trusts dedicated staff – a group of professionals who take member service to a higher level.

Each individual member of the Trusts is important, and we want them to feel that way every time they interact with us. Whether contacting us to report a claim, request a risk control service, or discuss a health benefit matter, our staff is here to help.

Over the years, we have fostered strong partnerships with our public entities who know they can “call the Trusts” when they need help. We are proud of the hard work and dedication of our staff but also understand that our members’ needs may change and we need to change with them.

In 2018, the Trusts will be reaching out to our membership to obtain feedback on how we are doing and what we can do better. This outreach will be through member satisfaction surveys, focus groups, and interviews (both email and face-to-face). In addition, we will be implementing an organization-wide communications strategy to ensure more coordinated member communications. Also, look for continuous improvements and updates to our website at

When we say that our organization is “Built on Trust,” we mean it.   For almost three decades, our sole focus has been on public entities. We remain future-focused keeping in mind our remarkable past and the reason for our continued success – providing exceptional member service in the delivery of health, workers’ compensation, and property & liability coverage designed specifically to help public entities save money, stay protected, and keep their employees healthy and happy.

We welcome your comments and suggestions. 

Carol Bigham, Director of Member Services

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