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Trust Connections 1st Quarter 2019

Delaware Valley Trusts Member Newsletter

2018 Year in Review

Looking back, 2018 was a big year for all three of the Delaware Valley Trusts. First, five school entities joined the Delaware Valley Health Trust resulting in significant growth in covered employees and further diversification of our membership type. Schools now make up 15% of Health Trust contributions. We welcome these school members as well as the other new members to the Health Trust. The Property & Liability Trust added four new public entities and the Workers’ Compensation Trust had five groups join. Overall, healthy growth and strong retention of membership validates the Trusts’ intergovernmental cooperation operating model and responsive member services.

The Health Trust and Workers’ Compensation Trust both had elections in late 2018 for open seats on their respective Executive Committees. We utilized information technology to provide an election process designed to enhance transparency and promote good governance. We thank all Trustees who participated and congratulate the newly elected Executive Committee Members. We will be providing board orientation training for newly elected Executive Committee members in April 2019.

As we look ahead, 2019 is shaping up to be another dynamic year for your Trusts. For the Property and Liability Trust, expect to hear a lot about the management of cyber risks. For the Workers’ Compensation Trust, recent legal decisions as outlined during the November 2018 Workers’ Compensation Trust Annual Update serve to clarify and better define the application of the law to claims. The Health Trust is projected to have another strong growth year and will undoubtedly experience changes driven by the rapid pace of developments in the health benefits industry. What won’t change is the commitment of all Trust staff to serving our members.

On behalf of the entire Trust staff and our professional partners, we thank you for the honor to serve those who serve our communities every day. We welcome your feedback and suggestions and look forward to once again serving you, the members, in 2019.

Bob Solarz Executive Director

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