News | 11 Nov 2019

Trust Connections 4th Quarter 2019

Beginning in January 2020, Risk Control Grant funds will be allocated on an annual basis rather than bi-annual. In addition, unused funds will be permitted to roll over and accumulate each year without a maximum. Risk Control Grant funds are available to members of the Workers’ Compensation and Property & Liability Trusts. These funds can be used to purchase items or services that can help to reduce the frequency and severity of employee injuries or illnesses. The value of each entity’s grant is set by the Trust’s underwriter and approved by the respective Trust Executive Committee each year.

Workers’ Compensation Trust:

  • Automated external defibrillators or “AEDs”;
  • Baseline and periodic physicals for covered employees;
  • Concrete saws or low-vibration concrete breakers to replace jackhammers;
  • Confined space entry equipment such as atmosphere monitoring equipment, tripods, or ventilation blowers;
  • Hepatitis B vaccinations for employees with occupational exposures;
  • Personal Protective Equipment or “PPE” such as anti-vibration gloves, body armor, chain saw chaps, hard hats, hearing protection, high visibility reflective traffic safety apparel, traction footwear and respiratory protection.

 Property & Liability Trust:

  • Automated fire suppression systems;
  • Building perimeter access controls/theft deterrents and surveillance systems;
  • Cameras for municipal vehicles to minimize collisions;
  • Computer firewall and security software to prevent electronic theft;
  • Flammable liquid storage cabinets and containers;
  • Replacement of non-compliant or unsafe playground equipment.

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