News | 06 Feb 2020

Trust Connections Q1 2020

Our members know Trust Connections as the Delaware Valley Trusts’ quarterly newsletter providing informational articles to help keep you safe, healthy and out of trouble. It’s just one of many values of belonging to the Trust family. Another take on Trust Connections is our effort to promote opportunities for you to meet and connect with others in roles similar to yours. The Trusts recognize the benefits of nurturing these networks. As part of the planning for Trust training events, educational conferences and annual meetings, we include times for you to meet new people and enhance relationships with your peers. We learn from each other and the axiom “knowledge is power” is still relevant today. “Networking” is not a new concept nor something exclusive to gatherings of people dressed in business attire exchanging contact information. Networks for sharing information have a recorded history of well over a thousand years….

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Featured in this issue

    • Wellness Works: Practice Self Care
    • How to Reduce your Fraud Risk including upcoming DVPLT Fraud Prevention Training
    • Get a Grip on Portable Ladder Safety
    • 2020 Phyllis Lieberman Scholarship Recipient
    • Health Trust Coverage Corner: Understanding COBRA
    • 2019 DVT Risk Management Innovation Award Winner
    • Fatigue Management