News | 12 Dec 2018

LabCorp to become an Aetna In-Network Lab on 1/1/19

We are pleased to announce that Aetna and LabCorp have signed an agreement to make LabCorp a preferred national laboratory beginning January 1, 2019.  This means that Health Trust enrollees will be able to use LabCorp and Quest Diagnostics for lab services.  This is an exciting development that will provide Health Trust enrollees with improved access to lab services.

LabCorp offers nearly 5,000 frequently requested and specialty tests delivered through broad patient access points, including a growing retail presence.  LabCorp also has service centers in many rural communities, helping to bring care closer to home for many Health Trust enrollees.

Quest Diagnostics will remain participating in the Aetna Network as well.

Please note:  the Health Trust Biometric Screening incentive will continue to be offered through Quest Diagnostics (as well as through the Delaware Valley Health Trust Center and your primary care provider’s office.)  You will notbe able to schedule or complete a Biometric Screening directly with LabCorp.  Your primary doctor may prescribe bloodwork for the Biometric Screening incentive at a LabCorp location, but must complete the Physician Results Form (available at, registration key DVHT) for you to earn the incentive.