Are Your Public Entity Employees Overpaying for Healthcare? They Don’t Have To.

Did you know that the price of a medical procedure often varies from one provider to the next by hundreds or even thousands of dollars?  Adding to the confusion, high cost doesn’t necessarily mean high quality.  The Delaware Valley Health Trust’s value-added member benefit, Healthcare Bluebook, is a dynamic, web-based tool that allows covered employees and their dependents to compare the rates and quality of a comprehensive range of healthcare services.  Easily accessing the user-friendly interface via the Internet or smartphone application, they will find clearly presented information that will help them lower healthcare costs and earn incentives without sacrificing healthcare quality.

Our public entity members benefit from Healthcare Bluebook, too.  With employees getting the quality healthcare they need at prices they can afford, overall claims costs are lowered.  Give your employees a tool they will appreciate and take stronger control of your entity’s healthcare costs – all with Healthcare Bluebook.  It’s definitely worth exploring!

Managed Risk. Collective Rewards.

The Delaware Valley Trusts provide custom health, workers’ compensation, and property & liability coverage for public entities using a cost-effective risk-sharing model. Trust members are financial stakeholders who enjoy broader coverage, long-term rate stability, exceptional client service, and a wide array of exclusive value-added benefits.

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